Carlos Sainz on goals for the next season: My goal is to be consistent

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Carlos Sainz on goals for the next season: My goal is to be consistent
Carlos Sainz on goals for the next season: My goal is to be consistent (Provided by Sport World News)

Carlos Sainz spoke about the season behind us in which he had many ups and downs. Carlos hopes that the next season will be something different for him. "At the beginning, I had two consecutive retirements [Melbourne and Imola] and at the end I was driving well, but I had the accident in Austin when I started from pole position, and also the car was no longer there to win," said Sainz, as quoted by

"I have had many highs and lows. For next year, hopefully there will be fewer low points and many high peaks to be able to have a more linear season." Sainz emphasized the consistency he lacks at the moment. Top drivers have one interesting characteristic: You guessed it, it's consistency!

"My goal is to be consistent," he said. "To win races, I already know what it is, but if you want to fight for the world championship, you have to be consistent. If you're at the front, the worst result is fifth or sixth, but with six or seven retirements that we've had, a series of points will go away that make you miss the world championship - although it's also true that Verstappen and Red Bull have been stronger.

I believe that by learning those couple of lessons and going back to being the consistent Carlos of 2021, who I think will finish all the races, you can fight for the world championship."

Carlos Sainz and his car

Carlos had a great car this season.

If something similar happens in the next season, it is certain that, due to his experience, he will make a good result. "Near because I am in one of the best teams in the world, but in F1 there is a high level, both in terms of teams and drivers," he said.

"I am going to put the effort and the desire year after year, but then the circumstances have to arise to have one of the best cars and take advantage of it. This year is the first that I have had a really competitive car and it has made me learn a lot. I am sure that I will take advantage of this to improve in the future."

Carlos Sainz