Pierre Gasly: We’ve been quite far away from what we had expected

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Pierre Gasly: We’ve been quite far away from what we had expected

Pierre Gasly spoke about his impressions this season. Gasly believes that it could have been much better, but he will have to be optimistic for the next season. Pierre also talked about the motivation factor. When things aren't going well, it's hard to be motivated.

“From my side, what I can feel, it’s more the fact of working and trying to maximise a car which didn’t have the same potential as 2021,” Gasly said for motorsport.com. “It’s not easy, also trying to keep the motivation in the engineering room, with the guys trying to keep the focus of everyone to minimise the mistakes.

Because at the end, even if you do the same sport and the same season, the dynamic is quite different, especially last year was amazing for everyone, and we had the most successful year. There was quite a lot of expectations from this year, and it's fair to say we’ve been quite far away from what we had expected or what we had wished for”.

Pierre Gasly and his season

Gasly answered the reporter's questions about whether this is the toughest season for him since he joined the team. “In a way, probably yes, considering that I have more experience and I have experienced good and less good [times], more or less success with the team." The changes taking place in F1 turned out to be bad for his team.

They could not adapt in an adequate way. Gasly will have to forget about the season as soon as possible and focus on what awaits him. “This year with the change of regulations, unfortunately we didn’t manage to capitalise on this opportunity.

There were for sure some difficulties from it, but I think some other teams, in fairness, did a better job than we did. We didn’t really get our opportunities from this change”.