Sebastian Vettel: Kimi is actually the biggest natural talent


Sebastian Vettel: Kimi is actually the biggest natural talent
Sebastian Vettel: Kimi is actually the biggest natural talent

Sebastian Vettel is one of the greatest drivers who performed in F1. The Austrian has a great career behind him. However, during one of the interviews, Vettel did not forget to praise Kimi Raikkonen, whom he considers the greatest natural talent ever.

"I think Kimi is actually the biggest natural talent I've come across, ever," Vettel said for the Beyond The Grid podcast. "Just in terms of raw speed, I think. It shows in the car, obviously, but it shows also in any other form of car.

If there was a discipline of switching cars, every day, after 10 days Kimi will be lapping everybody else, just because he's just a natural. It doesn't take time [for him] to adapt to the car, to what the car requires. You give him a steering wheel and he knows what to do.

Sometimes you feel it's unfair, you need to get used to [it] first and get an idea of the track or the conditions, and for him it's just [instant]."

Sebastian Vettel and Raikkonen

Vettel also had a great relationship with Kimi.

Although there were sometimes certain disagreements, they resolved them quickly. What is most important is respect from both sides. "I think with him, I probably had the best relationship out of all the teammates I had, because he was just so straightforward," Vettel continued.

"There was never an argument if we crashed into each other. We talked about it; [we discussed] what happened, maybe we laughed about it, it was my mistake, it was his mistake. But then there was never a question that anything could sort of shake up or destabilise the...

I don't want to say bond, but the relationship that we had. When I came in [to the team], I remember he was so respectful. From the day I walked in, [he was] looking into my eyes, where with other drivers I felt, 'Okay, I'm shaking hands and I'm saying hello, but actually the guy is not present, [he's] not here' So, with people, I think Kimi's pretty exceptional."

Sebastian Vettel