Toto Wolff on F1 political fights

"I think it was pretty much business as usual, I would say."

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff on F1 political fights

Toto Wolff spoke about the political struggles in 2022 in F1. Wolff is a man who has shown many times how much he loves and protects his team. "It's about protecting your own structure and I think we all do that, trying to stay ahead or to protect, or in a way to understand where the politics go," said Wolff, as quoted by

"I think it's pretty normal. I don't think there were any more games or less games. Everybody kind of lives to their own standards. "I think it was pretty much business as usual, I would say." Toto Wolff commented on the measures of Formula 1.

"Beyond the sporting penalty and the financial penalty, which obviously resonates in the real world out there, there is a big reputational consequences," said Wolff. "And that is why I believe no team is going to put a foot wrong over the line, because you don't want to have your partners and your team dragged into this space.

"We're living in a transparent, compliant world. Everything needs governance, and the sport needs it. As a sport overall, this is the real achievement of the whole process."

Zak Brown: There was a total lack of trust

McLaren CEO Zak Brown spoke about his team's progress and what he saw when he first arrived.

"In terms of morale, there was a total lack of trust within the organisation,"- Brown said. "Everyone was kind of guilty until proven innocent from internal ways of working. So there wasn't any teamwork. I think it started at the top in the sense of there was so much going on at the board level, that there wasn't any adult supervision on the F1 team, because everyone was trying to buy each other out. So I think it didn't have the leadership."

Toto Wolff