Max Verstappen on the biggest progress

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Max Verstappen on the biggest progress
Max Verstappen on the biggest progress (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen showed this season what a quality driver he is. He is expected to be equally good next season. It will be an excellent opportunity for the Dutchman to confirm for the third time that he is the best driver. However, there is no need to predict anything.

In an interview with, Max talked about this season, as well as progress in certain areas. “You know when you have to fight for a title, you need to score points basically every race as much as you can,” Verstappen said, as quoted by

“That’s why at the beginning of the year, it was very tough to have these DNFs. I knew from that point onwards, I could not afford any mistakes from my side, in case we would have retirements for whatever reason.

You always try to be as clear as you can be and try to be as perfect as you can every single weekend. That’s what I try to demand from myself every time I jump into the car”.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is delighted with Max Verstappen.

Although he did not have the best car at the beginning of the season, he showed that sometimes the car does not play the main role. “He’s driven with such maturity, with such composure this year, and he’s delivered some massive wins under huge pressure,” said Horner.

“It’s only when you look back at the season, and we’ve started to do that in the last week, when you think back to some of the races like Saudi or Miami or Montreal, there’s been some massive moments there.

We didn’t have the quickest car at the beginning of the year. He very much kept us in contention and just kept pushing, and drove with phenomenal precision and pace. When there was an opportunity there to take, he grabbed it with both hands”.

Max Verstappen