Christian Horner on the 'decisive' moment during the season


Christian Horner on the 'decisive' moment during the season

Red Bull Formula 1 boss Christian Horner is satisfied with the season his team had. Red Bull looked dominant, and one race gave them a huge lead. "Imola was an important turning point. I think that we were able to stay in touch, and that was very important," -he said, as quoted by

After such important races and "psychological" moments, Red Bull advanced the car, gained an advantage, and achieved what they imagined. "Our championship was 21 races because we missed the first one by having a double DNF.

We had to stick with them. For me, one of the crucial weekends was Imola with the sprint race and then the victory, and to win both those races, to achieve the 1-2 finish and beat Ferrari on their home ground was I think psychologically a big thing for us as a team, potentially for them as well.

We developed the car, improved the car and lost a little bit of weight - the car did! And then the speed came. These guys have been just fantastic this year."

Max Verstappen on the season: After Imola I was confident

Max Verstappen also reflected on the moment when they gained an advantage.

"The way we bounced back after a tough weekend in Australia, to then go to Imola, the weekend we had was just incredible," said Verstappen. I knew that there was a lot of potential, but I knew at that point we had a lot of ground to catch up on.

The car since then has been just continuously developed in the right way, and slowly the car is getting skinnier as well. That was good. We've had a lot of incredible weekends as a team since then. Difficult to say which exact moment, but after Imola I was confident we had a good opportunity [of the title]." The same is expected from Red Bull next season.

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