Tost e Horner criticize Lewis Hamilton?


Tost e Horner criticize Lewis Hamilton?

Franz Tost spoke ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season, about Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. Tost explained: "A superiority like the one demonstrated by Verstappen and Red Bull Racing this year is quite rare.

I expect a three-way battle between Max, Charles Leclerc and George Russell, who is already stronger than Lewis Hamilton." Tost then spoke of the sanction that the FIA has imposed on Red Bull for violating the budget cap: "The FIA sanction will undoubtedly have a negative impact on Red Bull, even if the team has some of the best technicians.

But I trust that they will be able to fight for the world title again." Christian Horner, team principal at reigning world champions Red Bull, added: "I think they both had great seasons. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

The fact that George finished ahead of Lewis in his first year with the team is a sign of An impressive performance, but Lewis is obviously still there. It's safe to imagine that next year they'll be back to fighting hard and Ferrari will also be looking to make progress.

Next year is shaping up to be a really tough season." Mercedes didn't have an easy 2022. The Brackley team paid for a very difficult start to the season and a poor adaptation to the new technical regulation, finishing only third in the ranking reserved for teams and winning just one race success, thanks to George's perceptive Russell in the GP of Sao Paulo.

However, it was above all the English derby that aroused great interest around the Brackley team, which saw the two Star riders as protagonists. Reviewing his and his team's 2022, Hamilton explained: "We've been through several difficult situations this year and I think the journey has been the most important part and, for me, we're still winners.

Obviously not in terms of numbers, but I think that all team members are. They all dug in, gave their all. No one gave up, and they all overcame the hardships of not being in the front row. I'm proud of all of them. To me that means more victory in every single race.

Frustration with not being able to win this season? Honestly not because we had so many experiences during the year that I felt like we had won. In those moments, we were so euphoric that finishing 5th, 4th or finally getting on the podium was almost equivalent to a victory."

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