Lewis Hamilton: "They are winners in 2022 in mercedes"

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Lewis Hamilton: "They are winners in 2022 in mercedes"

Lewis Hamilton ended an F1 world championship without taking any wins. Prior to this season, the British Mercedes driver had finished all seasons with at least one podium finish. The 7-time F1 world champion driver failed to surpass Michael Schumacher in the record for most consecutive years with at least one success, equaling the German with 15 seasons.

Reviewing his and his team's 2022, Hamilton explained: "We've been through several difficult situations this year and I think the journey has been the most important part and, for me, we're still winners. Obviously not in terms of numbers, but I think that all team members are.

They all dug in, gave their all. No one gave up, and they all overcame the hardships of not being in the front row. I'm proud of all of them. To me that means more victory in every single race. Frustration with not being able to win this season? Honestly not because we had so many experiences during the year that I felt like we had won.

In those moments, we were so euphoric that finishing 5th, 4th or finally getting on the podium was almost equivalent to a victory."

Lewis Hamilton: "They are winners in 2022 in mercedes"

About Max Verstappen on Red Bull he said: "It wasn't easy to witness his dominance.

Especially seeing that gigantic number one on the nose. I wish I could have at least been there to have my say. Some riders make me feel like a target. Just listen to the statements on my behalf or the way they behave when they are close to me.

I can't explain the exact reason for this attitude. I think it is related to my experience and the success I've had in sport. After all, when I started in F1, the most successful ones were my targets and my only goal was to beat them." On his social media, Lewis wrote: "I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I'm happy the season has come to an end.

I won't miss it! I still want to thank my team for their hard work this year. Through it all, we have moved forward and learned a lot – work that will take us back to the top next year. I have no doubt that we will be better again. We will be back. I will be back."