Matia Binotto on the reasons for Red Bull's dominance over Ferrari

Ferrari is already thinking about 2023...

by Sead Dedovic
Matia Binotto on the reasons for Red Bull's dominance over Ferrari

Ferrari had a great season, but it was not enough to match Red Bull. Matia Binotto talked about why Red Bull was stronger. "I think there have been a few factors," said Binotto for "The first I think that, in terms of development, Red Bull had a clear route, which was reducing the weight of the car.

This was not our case. They knew what [they needed] to tackle to get performance out of the car itself. For us it was more complicated because it was really through aero developments and trying to improve the car from the concept and the aero point of view.

Also, I think if I look back, maybe the development we did was not certainly sufficient. We stopped very early; not only for a choice but because of expenditure reasons. But there are some things that we need to review." Ferrari is already thinking about 2023, and they worked a lot on preparations for the next season.

"Have we made the right choice by stopping so early, in terms of priority between 2022 and '23? I don't know," he said. "I think only 2023 can tell us what has been the right choice or not. More than that, maybe we could have done a better and proper development of the car, within what we did.

And that is something which we need to review. But I think the main reason is Red Bull got a clear path, which was the weight reduction. I think it was more straightforward extracting performance from the car itself."

Ferrari and it's season

No one could have expected Ferrari to have such a great season.

However, they showed quality and will be a strong competition next season. Who knows, maybe they will be even better. "I think what was important for us was to be back to be competitive, and that was for us really the objective," he said.

"For me, fighting for a good position at the 22nd race, is the best result, because it means that we have been competitive not only at the very start where we had a very strong car. "No one would have expected it. But we kept on fighting during the season itself and up to the end.

"We had some ups and downs. There have been races where we have not been good enough, and we will review it. But I think more than P2 and P2 [in the drivers' and constructors' championship], what is important for me is the fact that, at the 22nd race, we were still fighting for good positions."

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