Christian Horner on whether Max Verstappen will help Perez

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Christian Horner on whether Max Verstappen will help Perez

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner commented on Abu Dhabi and the option for Max Verstappen to help his colleague. “It's something we discussed obviously, behind closed doors, the drivers have discussed it,” said Horner.

“And as a team our focus very much going into Abu Dhabi with Charles and Checo tied on points is to do our best that we can to support Checo to achieve second place, and Max has obviously made that commitment as well.

“So as far as we're concerned, it's about looking forward not looking backwards”. - he said, as quoted by He also spoke about team radio playing in public. Max Verstappen will do his best, just like the whole team, to help Checo Perez achieve his goal.

The Dutchman remembers well how Perez helped him last season, and now he wants to do the same. “I think it was probably a little less public than Ferrari's. Look, I think the thing is, it's very clear going into Abu Dhabi as a team, we're going to do the best that we can for Checo to finish second in the World Championship.

And it's a straight fight between the two, they're tied on points, and whatever we can do as a team - and Max is obviously very much part of that team - we will do to help Checo achieve that goal. As a team, and Max has made that clear as well, whatever we can do, to achieve that, as a team we will.

It's something that we've never achieved as a team previously, even in the V8 era. So it's going to be an exciting Abu Dhabi for other dynamics, fighting for second in the championship this year”.

Christian Horner on the team

Horner didn't want to reveal more details, but Perez and Verstappen have repeatedly shown how much they agree.

This will be an ideal chance for Red Bull to complete a great season. “I think the drivers have discussed it very openly between themselves, they're very, very clear on that, and we are one team, and so I'm not going to disclose the content of that, it's very clear at the end.

“It’s been discussed behind closed doors, and I think the drivers are all very clear, they know what the objective is, they’ve cleared the air with each other, they’ve shaken hands, and we focus on the next race in Abu Dhabi”.