British star Lewis Hamilton expressed on Verstappen and Vettel

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British star Lewis Hamilton expressed on Verstappen and Vettel

British start of Mercedes Lewis Hamilton talked about his Red Bull rival Max Verstappen. He also talked about German driver Sebastian Vetterl and their friendship. Hamilton was one of the protagonists of the Interlagos media day, talking about what happened last year with Verstappen: "When I tried to pass it, I remember that Max went very long.

I immediately told myself, preparing a new attack, that I would not allow him to do it again, it was not what I wanted. The next time, I managed to fool him at the first corner. I pretended to bring an attack on the inside, so he had to finish by sacrificing the corner exit, losing traction.

I, on the other hand, managed to keep myself on the outside, being able to take advantage of better acceleration. When we got to the straight where I could use the DRS, I got very close, and I closed the overtaking before the corner where he had gone wide earlier.

I had taken a good lead and didn't give him a chance to recover. Anyway it was a good fight, I enjoyed that weekend, I had an exceptional pace. I hope to be able to do something like this again in the future."

Hamilton on Verstappen and Vettel

Regarding Sebastian Vettel's retirement, Hamiltin explained: "It will be sad to see him quit because ours is an unexpected friendship.

In fact it's difficult when you're so competitive and two riders can fight for something they're passionate about. I don't think I've seen any. rider in the history of sport to do what he and I did: be genuine and take that risk.

For me he was an ally." Hamilton "I think Verstappen did the job in an extraordinary way, accomplishing everything that was in his strings. The team gave him a fantastic car and he practically gave his best. every weekend He can be proud of what he has done so far, and I speak with knowledge of the facts, since I know what feelings there are in being in such a position."

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