Lewis Hamilton revealed his goal: I think it would be pretty amazing

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Lewis Hamilton revealed his goal: I think it would be pretty amazing
Lewis Hamilton revealed his goal: I think it would be pretty amazing (Provided by Sport World News)

Lewis Hamilton has a goal, which is for his team to be second in the final standings ahead of Ferrari. "I know how important it is for the team and everyone back at the factory in terms of bonuses," said Hamilton, as quoted by motorsport.com "Especially in a time when energy prices have gone through the roof, living costs in the UK have skyrocketed.

"So I know because I'm told and I can see how important and impactful that is for them, and also just how hard we've dug deep to catch up. "I know it would be an amazing feeling if we could. If you then look at being realistic, Ferrari have had an amazing car most of the year, I don't know what happened last weekend, but most likely they're going to be back at the front this weekend, but who knows? So it's no easy feat to beat them.

"But if we did, I think it would be pretty amazing comeback, and that narrative also it's sending them into the winter knowing that we mean business." Even the third place brings certain advantages. "In terms of R&D, I don't know the full implications, if you finish further back, third as opposed to second, you have more time in the wind tunnel.

"The engineers can tell you if that's what they want or not. I think at the moment because we're in the heat of it, we want to beat them, so that's our goal."

Hamilton on his future

Hamilton is an optimist for the next races, but also for the challenges that will follow after that.

"My focus is maximising the next two races. I think us as a team are focused on making sure that we have a car that we can compete with next year. We don't know, honestly every time that we arrive at a track, we're surprised one way or another how big the gap is or how close we are.

"So I won't know until [Friday] where that is. I don't know if the car will be spectacular here. I don't know if we'll be as close as we were at the last race, I don't think we will. But I hope I'm surprised and it's not the case.

"But we know where our car is going to work and what corners it won't work. I anticipate it's not going to be the easiest on track. But there's weather, there's all sorts that could come into it. "So out of the next two races, this is the best option we'll have or the closest we'll be. The next one I think with those long straights will be tough."

Lewis Hamilton