Fernando Alonso is back in F1

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Fernando Alonso is back in F1

Fernando Alonso returned to the Renault car after 11 years. On Tuesday, the French team organized a day of filming on the track in Barcelona, ​​to give a chance for a short test to the driver who is returning to Formula 1 next season.

The Spaniard was full of positive impressions and believes Renault has everything it takes for a successful 2021. The return of the 2005 and 2006 world champions to Formula 1 and the Renault team was confirmed back in July.

Serious preparations for the next season started very quickly, so Alonso was already visiting Renault's factories in Enstone and Viry last month, and yesterday he had the opportunity to test the R.S.20 car on the track.

Fernando driving again

The French team exercised its right on the day of filming, which includes driving up to 100 kilometers and using Pirelli's demonstration tires, and Fernando admitted after a two-year absence that he had lost some sense of F1 and the speeds that prevail there.

"It was a very good day here in Barcelona. Only 100 kilometers, but for me it was very special to return to the team and the F1 car. After 18 years in Formula 1 and now on this comeback, it’s true that I missed the braking points a bit.

The corners come so fast one after the other, the braking performance, the speed through the corners… There are a lot of things I need to get used to again, but it will take less time than adjusting to something completely new, like Dakar or Indy.

”, as quoted by gp1 “I think the car is a pleasant surprise. We know he’s been doing well in the last few races and I’ve felt really good potential in him. I last drove a car with a Renault engine in 2018 and it feels like a big improvement, which is important.

The feeling was good, although I could not fully explore the performance of the car. I haven't caught that full speed yet, but I'm happy this day, "said Fernando. Renault is really in a good moment. Daniel Ricciardo, the driver that Alonso will succeed at the end of the season, achieved five consecutive placements among the top six, culminating in a podium at the Nürburgring.

Here's what about Renault's future, but also its future, says Alonso: "We all have high hopes within the team, looking at this season and what progress has been made in the championship. At the same time, I think we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground, knowing that the rules will be more or less the same by 2022.

We know that the backlog that midfield teams have now will carry over to next year. ” “So we are firmly on the ground, but we have a lot of positive energy and optimism for next year. I think we have a great team, great talented people in it, great sponsors, a lot of fans around the world, so we have all the necessary ingredients for a good 2021. ”