Carlos Sainz: "I want a GP from here to the end"

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Carlos Sainz: "I want a GP from here to the end"
Carlos Sainz: "I want a GP from here to the end" (Provided by Sport World News)

Carlos Sainz on Ferrari returned to speak at the press conference on the eve of the Austin GP. The Spaniard told: "Podium here in Austin? The car is competitive everywhere, even if in the race Red Bull has recently had something more.

Here we will test the 2023 tires and this can help us understand how to improve in this aspect in the next. World championship. Russell? Fourth or fifth nothing changes for me, I would prefer to win a race between now and the end of the year.

At the beginning of the season. They were strong in areas where we weren't, he deserved it. He has grown since he was with Toro Rosso, he has evolved in many aspects. He deserves credit and his car is really competitive."

Lewis Hamilton's words on Austin GP

Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes said: "How can we go back to beating Red Bull? Well, we at Mercedes are human too and we make mistakes.

There is a lot of strength and experience in Ferrari too. We have a great leader, with great fans. and great communication. Toto is a leader capable of 'elevating' people, he leads them to live their private life well. And this pushes the desire to be part of the team to grow.

But I hope we will be back to beating Red Bull soon and I hope Ferrari can fight too, but there are also other teams that have shown that they have potential. Being in the US makes me happy, always. I also had fun in Indianapolis in 2007, but Austin is special.

Among the newest and also among the best. Here they do things differently. We Europeans are good at sports, but there are things we are learning thanks to Liberty. I was in Tokyo, then Los Angeles and above all I saw the Broncos, my team.

Huge stadium, different fans but also similar in many ways to those of F1. With the Broncos we talked about the athletes but also about the role I can play and the initiatives for Denver. "

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