Lewis Hamilton on Budget Cap: "I trust the FIA"


Lewis Hamilton on Budget Cap: "I trust the FIA"

Regarding the Budget Cap issue involving Red Bull, the FIA ​​in the days confirmed the violation of up to 5% by Red Bull and now penalties are awaited. Meanwhile, a plea deal would have been proposed to Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton, on the issue, explained: "I am focused on what I can control, I am sure that the FIA ​​will make the right decisions for the integrity of the sport. Personally I look to the next goals, he said in the press conference only, on the 2021 I have my own opinions and I am proud of what we have done as a team.

But for the future we will need extreme clarity otherwise there is a risk that the system may fail. This whole story creates a lot of confusion among the fans and it is a very important aspect on How to get back to beating Red Bull? Well, we at Mercedes are human too and we make mistakes.

Even in Ferrari there is a lot of strength and experience. We have a great leader, with great fans and great communication. Toto Wolff he is a leader capable of 'elevating' people, he leads them to live their private life well.

And this pushes the desire to be part of the team to grow. But I hope that we will return to beating Red Bull soon and I hope Ferrari can fight too. But there are also other teams that have shown they have potential." Regarding his image, Hamilton explained: "What most people don't know is that I redesigned the steering wheel when I was at McLaren and when I got to Mercedes they did the same.

All the other teams copied. All the wheels were circular. Now there is a top and it goes down, but it doesn't join the bottom. I should have patented it! This is something I'm very proud of: I love working with the ergonomics of the car.

I have talked to many amazing athletes. Many have said they retired too early or too late. Most have told me that I will know when it is right to stop. I always go against the grain. I don't do what everyone expects me to do. "

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