Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner: Max Verstappen has grown

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Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner: Max Verstappen has grown
Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner: Max Verstappen has grown (Provided by Sport World News)

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner is very satisfied with his team and what they are doing this season. Horner decided to praise chief technical officer Adrian Newey and others. "Adrian and the whole technical team," he said for "Pierre Wache, our technical director, Enrico Balbo [head of aerodynamics], Craig Skinner [chief designer], Ben Waterhouse [head of performance engineering], I think this is the strongest technical team we've ever had.

"And I think that's testimony to the hard work that goes in behind the scenes that has delivered this kind of performance." What they started last season, they continued this season. Max Verstappen only confirmed his qualities.

His dominance could last. "I think for the team to do what we did last year, and to turn up with a car as competitive as we have, being the last team to transition onto it, under massive pressure this year with the cost cap and everything else, it's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into it.

"I think the car, the way we adapted to the new regulations, the engineering team, it's been a phenomenal performance by everybody involved, and Max has I think grown from that first world championship. "The way he's driven, the way he's operated this year, has just been at another level, and all respect to him because he truly deserves this championship.

"Everybody within the factory, within Red Bull, all of our partners, all of our technical partners have just stepped it up another gear this year, and it's been phenomenal."

Honda and its impact

Honda is one of the most deserving of Red Bull's success.

Their new deal will be significant for both parties. "To win here, with Honda confirming their participation over the next three years, and Asaki-san, who has been one of those heroes behind the scenes within the Honda organisation and within HRC, I felt it only right for him to collect the constructors' trophy today.

A very proud moment for everybody in HRC. "We're truly grateful for the support that they've provided us in previous years and obviously, as a supplier this year, they've done a great job as well. All our partners like Exxon Mobil, with this new E10 fuel as well this year.

"It needs everything to come together to achieve the kind of results that we have. And we've done that, we've achieved it."

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