Lewis Hamilton and the search for the 8th title

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Lewis Hamilton and the search for the 8th title

Lewis Hamilton talked about the search for the 8th title. Now Lewis is the record holder, with Michael Schumacher, with 7 F1 titles: "There is nothing outstanding between us, Max did his duty last year and I have zero problems with him.

We have several years of difference, probably out of the car there isn't. it was that mutual respect. But it can happen, there is no hard feelings. That race was a very painful moment for me, just like in 2007. That Chinese Grand Prix will always be a scar, the best thing to do is learn to get up again.

In Zandvoort some of those emotions came alive and I suffered. " Regarding Ferrari, he said: "If the goal this year is to beat Ferrari? Yes, I think in the last few races we have scored more points than them. It can be done, we are not far.

It would be fantastic for the team, considering that we struggled and they were almost always in front this year. If we were to pass them it would be a huge result."

Hamilton on the search of 8th title

"The eighth world championship is not an obsession, but it certainly is at the center of my thoughts.

It is at the top of the pyramid and the work done at the base this year is aimed at getting up there. same pilot that I was last year, just a little further along the path of life. I have bigger intentions, I plan more things, like the trip to Africa.

I live with gratitude and a proactive spirit everything I do, as well as the time I pass with some people. Obviously it is nice to win continuously, but I am still grateful for this moment in my life. In February we had load and we had to remove it, because there was so much bouncing.

It was a shock how long it was. wanted to correct the shot, but we are problem solvers, we like to find solutions, we had to put our resilience on the line. I want to perform better and win other races, learning and growing constantly."

Lewis Hamilton