Max Verstappen wants to win the title in Japan?!

“I need to win, and Checo needs to finish fourth or lower and Charles eighth or lower"

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen wants to win the title in Japan?!

Although many expect Max Verstappen's title in Singapore and confirmation of his dominance, the Red Bull team does not want to look too far ahead and is still cautious before the season continues. Max Verstappen doesn't want to bother with that.

His goal is to enjoy the current moments. “I need to win, and Checo needs to finish fourth or lower and Charles eighth or lower,” he said on Thursday for “It's a bit unrealistic for it to happen.

So I don't really think about it. “It's quite a long shot. And I just want to enjoy the weekend. And of course, try to win it”. Verstappen is more excited before the Japan race, which will be held next week. The Dutchman believes that he has a better chance to confirm the title there, and that is also his biggest wish.

The question is whether he will be able to. “I think Japan is nicer,” he said. “I'm really excited to go back there. It's been a while. It's an amazing track. And for me anyway, it has quite special memories. “The first time I drove an F1 car was there in FP1, and I will always remember that.

And besides that, yes, it is kind of a home GP with Honda. “And also, I think [it will be] my first proper opportunity to win the title. So yeah, of course, I'm looking forward to Singapore right now. But I'm also very excited for next weekend”.

Ferrari vs Red Bull

In the early stages of the season, Red Bull was in a tough race with Ferrari. It looked like Ferrari could match the Austrian team until the very end. However, they did not have enough quality. Red Bull continued their dominance and they are now close to the finish line.

However, this is a great experience for the Ferrari team and their drivers. Next season, they could use this experience and try to reach the title. Max Verstappen talked about the 'rivalry' with Ferrari. “I mean, [there are] two sides.

Yes, in one way, I would have liked them to still be in the fight. “But from my side of course it's also nice to win it in a more calm way. But I think what is good to see already is that they are very competitive this year compared to the last few years, and I think that's what F1 needed”.

Max Verstappen