Lewis Hamilton: I'm not really thinking much about Max Verstappen's title

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Lewis Hamilton: I'm not really thinking much about Max Verstappen's title
Lewis Hamilton: I'm not really thinking much about Max Verstappen's title (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen is outstanding this season and he could confirm his title already at the race in Singapore. The Dutchman proved that the previous season was not a coincidence and that he is one of the best. At the press conference before the race, Lewis Hamilton spoke about his impressions regarding the fact that Verstappen could already win the title.

"From my point of view, I'm not really thinking much about [Verstappen sealing his second consecutive title]. "Definitely, I feel for the fans. For everyone and even for us last year, going right down to the wire, that was intense for everybody.

"It's never great when the season finishes early. Even when I've experienced having it finish early in places like Mexico. For you as the one individual, it's great. But for the actual sport, it's not spectacular. "I'm really grateful to have had like 2008 right down to the last 17 seconds and obviously last year, pretty much the same thing.

Let's hope for the future that it's a bit better."- he said, as quoted by motorsport.com Hamilton also spoke about the current season and the support and progress of the team: "Just seeing how hard everyone works in a team is for me is the most inspiring thing.

"They go from the racetrack, fly over Sunday night, they're in the office on Monday, trying to come up with solutions, trying to crack the code. "That's really impressive because it's just relentless this season. I know everyone is looking forward to the break."

Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull

Even a few weeks ago, Hamilton acknowledged Red Bull's dominance and emphasized that it is difficult to match Red Bull in these moments.

Everyone is aware of how much the Red Bull team is giving its maximum and trying to dominate F1. A little more and they can start celebrating after a fantastic season. We have to be realistic, that Red Bull is almost unbeatable,” Hamilton said after the Italian GP.

“It's going to take some real doing to beat that car. Performance-wise they are fully ahead of everyone. “We have not caught them, we don't have upgrades coming to overtake them. And so it's going to take some fortune going our way.

“And not impossible, because we could have potentially beaten them in Budapest. But he [Verstappen] is generally chilled at the front, so you never know their true pace. So we'll see."

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