Esteban Ocon: “I don't read everything that is said about me, but .."

"I admit that I find it a bit strange..."

by Sead Dedovic
Esteban Ocon: “I don't read everything that is said about me, but .."

Esteban Ocon is satisfied with the treatment he receives from others; First of all, the fans, then the media and others. Ocon had a great result in his career, which was marked by various successes. The question is how much he would have achieved if he was in a stronger team “I don't read everything that is said about me, but I hope that when I do something good, it is reported as such, and that others can get an idea.

“But it is true that there are some people who say to me 'ah, I didn't notice your qualifying at Spa', or 'I forgot you won last year' I admit that I find it a bit strange. “In the end in qualifying, compared with Fernando, it is 9/7 to him, but I have a few more points in the standings (Ocon has 66 compared to Alonso’s 59).

Last year, if we talk about qualifying, we finished the season in a draw: 11 to 11. “If I look at Fernando's career, the only teammate at his level was Lewis. Everyone else has not done better than me. “Personally I feel that I am doing a good job, yes.

So it is a bit strange at times to see that on the outside there are those who perceive in a slightly different way”.

Ocon and Alonso

Ocon also recalled the comparisons people made between him and Alonso "Yeah, I heard it too, but I'm still here, right? “It is a nice comparison from where we started last year, both in qualifying and in the races.

Fernando is very, very fast. I don't think he has anything to prove to anyone. To those who say if I have learned from Fernando, I answer 'certainly' But I hope that he too could have learned something from me”. Ocon is cautious and aware of what F1 brings.

He gave the example of Ricciardo “I understand that there is nothing guaranteed in Formula 1,” he said. “Even if you have won a race, even if you have stood up to a double world champion like Fernando, you are not sure of having a guaranteed future.

“We have the example of Daniel. Two years ago, he was in the top-driver group and today he doesn't have the guarantee of a seat for next season. You must always be at the top, and be sure to never give up”.

Esteban Ocon