McLaren will continue to use both packages in racing

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McLaren will continue to use both packages in racing

Although Carlos Sainz with the new aerodynamic package on the McLaren MCL35 was slower than teammate Land Norris who used the old package, McLaren F1 team boss Andreas Seidl defends the decision to use both packages as it is necessary to understand the new development direction.

McLaren has turned to a new concept of low and narrow nose modeled on Mercedes, and the same concept has been used by Racing Point and Renault since this year, which includes a new set of air deflectors around the nose and in the area behind the front wheels.

Norris used a new package in Russia and was slower, and at the Nurburgring the new package was used by Sainz and on a shorter weekend it was slower than Norris, which leaves McLaren a lot of material to analyze. Despite the new package being slower at the moment, McLaren decided to continue using both packages later in the weekend so they could thoroughly compare their performance and find a solution for the rest of the season.

Next step

McLaren still wants to improve its formulas and will do everything to achieve success. Despite the fact that they do not achieve good results with both packages, they still want to try and see which is the best option for the next races.

“We have to make sure we take the next step with the car,” Seidl said. "The introduction of the new nose is a big change in terms of the aerodynamic concept of the car." "A weekend like this [with just one workout] doesn't help, but at the same time it's a challenge for us."

At McLaren, they are optimistic and believe that the best results will be achieved. They think that this is the best option after all: both packages and that it will bring them the results they expect in the future. "We believe that this concept offers more potential and it is important that we make the right analysis and draw the right conclusions to see that potential."

"Our main goal is to introduce new parts to the track as soon as possible so that we can understand how they behave as soon as possible and see where we are in terms of data correlation and take the next step forward in terms of performance."

McLaren in the last race in Russia for the first time this season did not win the points that Renault and Racing Point took advantage of and came quite close in the fight for third place. Now all are waiting for new results for this F1 season.