Nyck de Vries and Robert Shwartzman: Where will they end up?

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Nyck de Vries and Robert Shwartzman: Where will they end up?

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes that Robert Shwartzman deserves a place in F1. This youngster has shown his qualities in F2 and F3 and there are great expectations from him. However, many wonders when he'll get the chance; “Robert is a fantastic driver,” he said as quoted by “I think he's very fast, especially in an F1.

"Whenever he drove an F1 he has been very fast with the F1 itself. There are drivers that maybe are a great in F3, F2 and then are not good enough in the F1." “I think Robert is one of the opposites. He has been great certainly in F3, F2 but he's very, very strong in F1.

And so it's a shame for him not having any seat at the moment”. Binotto noticed the progress Shwartzman had made. At Ferrari, they are aware of the kind of driver they have, but it is still unknown when he will get the chance.

“This season he has worked a lot at the simulator. He has worked a lot helping our team in developing the current car. “I think as a driver he has improved, he has developed his own skills, and today he’s a lot more mature, even to a year ago.

And so I think he's a driver that would deserve a seat. “We know it's very difficult right now in this situation, but hopefully in the future that may happen”.

Nyck de Vries

Nyck de Vries is also a young driver who impressed everyone on his debut.

Many are wondering what will happen to him. Nyck de Vries spoke about his future; "I don't quite know if I am in such a luxury situation that I can choose," he said. "Largely, that is beyond my control. I have been in talks with Williams for a long time, and I was also able to make my debut there last weekend.

“That would be a logical step. Alpine I have been in contact with since July, and I will test for them in Budapest next week. I will fly there on Monday. “And as the media had noticed yesterday, I went to Austria to meet Helmut Marko.

Those are the facts."
He doesn't have a guaranteed spot, but he's ready to step up. "Wherever I can get a permanent seat, I would be very happy with that. We have to see how it will develop in the coming days and weeks. As I said, it is not entirely in my control.

"In this world not everything is about performance, but there is momentum now. That makes a difference, but it does not guarantee a seat. We are not that far yet