Max Verstappen triumphe also in Italy!

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Max Verstappen triumphe also in Italy!
Max Verstappen triumphe also in Italy! (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen crossed the line first behind the safety car ahead of Charles Leclerc and George Russell, to win the Italian GP in Monza taking his eleventh win of the season and fifth in a row. Now six races from the end he is sailing towards his second world championship with 116 points ahead of the Monegasque and with every reason to do so.

Here too he was awake and concrete, especially in the race, once again stronger than a penalty that forced him to start seventh. Verstappen won with merit, while Ferrari reached the podium with Leclerc and Russel. In a weekend full of pressures and expectations, there are reasons to smile, especially for Ferrari's renewed competitiveness.

The words of the protagonists

George Russel on Mercedes said the third place was for HM Queen Elizabeth II: "Verstappen and Leclerc today were too fast for us. We tried the hard tires to do something different and it wasn't enough, but we have to be satisfied with this result anyway.

Queen Elizabeth II? It's a sad time for the world and especially us, her life deserves to be celebrated." Carlos Sainz on Ferrari added: "I would have liked to play it until the end, I had saved a new soft for this situation and it would have been great to fight George Russell for 3rd place.

Too bad ... but I enjoyed it: I practically overtook a lap, and I am happy that having found the pace after Belgium and Holland, we have found the way. Despite everything I can say that I am satisfied." The other Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc said at the press conference: "It was frustrating to see the safety car in the final laps: I was second, I wanted to try to attack Verstappen.

We were hoping to be able to play it in the end, it's a shame but I know I gave everything. We were behind Verstappen for what happened before, I would have liked to win in front of these fantastic fans. Honestly in the first pit stop we didn't know what Red Bull was going to do and we decided to stop.

The pace was good, now we have to analyze everything. Thank you all for the support , competing in Monza is always incredible. Too bad for the second position but we gave it our all, thanks again. "

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