Charles Leclerc on impressions before Monza


Charles Leclerc on impressions before Monza

Many expect that Monza will have the same slipstream effect even though it is reduced. Charles Leclerc shares their opinion and reveals his impressions regarding the qualifications. "I think for the qualifying game, it probably will be the same, because even if it's less worth it, it's still worth it," he said for talking about slipstream.

"I mean, drivers will always go for that little last bit in qualifying, so I think it will always be trickier in quali than for the race. "I think with these cars we can follow a bit closer in the medium and high-speed, but the tow is obviously worth a little bit less also in the straights.

"Having said that, I think it will be hugely dependent on whether there's a train of cars with the DRS. In that situation, it will be very, very tricky to overtake. If not, then I think it should be fairly easy."

Charles Leclerc

Previous experiences on the same track do not instill optimism in Charles Leclerc either.

"I think tows in Monza are always going to be an issue," he said. "But I think it's part of the show, part of the circuit nature, part of the of the qualifying tactics that you have in Monza. "Even if people say 2019 was a mess and a show, I don't agree, I think it's part of racing.

And there's just a lot of people that got it wrong, or there's like me who got it right! "I'd just say that this is part of Monza tactics and strategy. And I think it's part of the beauty of coming here, that you have very strange qualifyings.

"And I think it's good to see even if sometimes you don't get a lap. I think this year is going to be again similar, because the cars are still very sensitive to slipstream and you want the tow." GPDA chairman George Russell revealed his impressions; "It's always going to be a challenge on given circuits," said the Mercedes driver.

"This one because of the tow of the circuit, just trying to purely get a gap on a small circuit. No doubt we'll discuss it, we'll try and come to a good compromise. "But ultimately, when we're all on track, nobody wants to be the first.

If you're following the delta time, it's going to make pitlane activity probably the most dangerous point, because everyone's waiting as long as possible. "It's always going to be a problem here. Maybe go back to single lap single car qualifying!"

Charles Leclerc