Charles Leclerc: "In Monza to win"

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Charles Leclerc: "In Monza to win"
Charles Leclerc: "In Monza to win" (Provided by Sport World News)

The F1 Italian Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, where the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be presented with brand new yellow gold inserts. Leclerc, speaking of the Monza Gp, said: "The victory at Monza will be a memory that I will keep for my whole life and we hope to be able to try it again this year.

In 2019 in my first year in Ferrari it was an incredible thing to see like this. so many people under the podium, it is beautiful and excites all this great passion. We will not give up anything until the end. The last two weekends have been the most difficult.

At Spa we expected it, while in Holland we were more distant than we thought. But now let's think of Monza, where anything can happen as we have seen in recent years. And we hope to be able to win again. It will be difficult, but the goal is always the same even if the track on paper is not favorable to our car.

It will be a mix of yellow and red, we hope there will be the cheering we have always seen here in Monza. With their push sometimes miracles happen."

Sainz's words

Sainz added: "After the most difficult last races we went home to try to be competitive again, working on even the smallest details that can make a difference.

We are a team. We all want to do our best for Ferrari. We all want to do our best for Ferrari they know how much responsibility there is, in Holland we made a mistake at the pit stop but not because of the mechanics but because of the delay in the call.

The fans want them to cheer not only for Charles and me but for all the mechanics, because 'they are the ones who work the most' and they deserve it. We want to win and Monza would be the perfect relaunch to motivate the whole team. I don't imagine what Monza could be like with a Ferrari win and I want to experience it this weekend.

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