Carlos Sainz furious after the penalty: I thought I had saved someone's life

"He [Alonso] hit me because I had to brake"

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz furious after the penalty: I thought I had saved someone's life

Carlos Sainz received a 5-second penalty in the last F1 race. The reason for this is an unsafe release from his final pitstop. Sainz tried to avoid the McLaren mechanics who were working on the car, but after that, he made contact with Fernando Alonso.

Sainz is not satisfied with the steward's reaction. "First of all I saw it on the car and by the time they released me it was clearly safe with Fernando, but then I had to hit the brakes to not hit a McLaren mechanic that ran into my exit line and it was this braking what generated the 'unsafe release', let's call it like that," Sainz said for motorsport.

"If you can call it an unsafe [release] because I was clearly frustrated by it, because I thought I had saved someone's life and not generated a dangerous situation. He [Alonso] hit me because I had to brake, because a McLaren [mechanic] ran in my way.

You need to analyse every situation, no? By the time I was released by the mechanics, Fernando was really far behind." Sainz believes that Fernando Alonso overdid it, and that he could have acted differently. "The problem is that then there was this McLaren guy with a jack running to my driving line, and I had to brake and I didn't get pit exit right, but is it my fault? Is it my team's fault? No, there is some guy with a jack in McLaren that ran into my driving line and I had to hit the brakes.

I'm pretty sure also Fernando exaggerated a bit, hitting me and all that to try and get me a penalty."

Carlos Sainz is disappointed

Sainz was angry after the race, knowing the importance of this race. However, he will have to be ready for the next challenges that await him.

"A very bad day in the office," Sainz concluded. "Just everything that would happen to us happened, we ran into all sorts of trouble during the race and we need to analyse why because it cost us a lot of points today." Ferrari was excellent this season, but things like this are an integral part of Formula 1 and they will have to come to terms with such a fact.

It seems that Max Verstappen is the most dominant this season and has created too difficult a task for his opponents. However, most people are happy with the fact that Ferrari is doing a good job and that they are a great competitor.

Carlos Sainz