Sebastian Vettel on his penalty: Obviously I can't disappear


Sebastian Vettel on his penalty: Obviously I can't disappear

Sebastian Vettel had an interesting fight in the last race. He passed through several blue flag warnings. He fought with Perez and Hamilton, but in the end, he got only a five-second penalty. "I mean, not even half a lap and I was out of the way," he said for "So obviously I can't disappear.

I have a different opinion, but it doesn't matter." Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack gave his opinion regarding the penalty: "It is always difficult when you have you come out of the pits with fresh tyres, and you get lapped by people that have older tyres," Krack said.

"He was not really slower at this point. But I think when you look at it, we went maybe a little bit too long in front of Lewis, and you cannot drive one lap in front. So these things happen sometimes. We knew that we were going to end up in this situation, we had to stop him.

He was made aware, but I think he didn't see it as bad also, because he had the pace obviously, and he told us also I have the pace to drive away. But if you have the flag, you have the flag."


Pitstops were not ideal for him.

"Well, we stopped really early trying to undercut most of the midfield, which I think was correct. Then we had a really slow stop, losing like three or four seconds, I'm not sure. But obviously then we lost position to Pierre [Gasly], Alex [Albon], Mick [Schumacher], Zhou [Guanyu].

And it was very close with Daniel [Ricciardo]. So not ideal really. And then that was it really." On fighting vs Mick Schumacher: "Obviously, he fell back, starting in the points. I gained, starting more or less last. We met in the middle.

It was fun, but it was nothing to take away from here." Lance Stroll won 10th place and caused optimism. "We were never really concerned to be out of the top 10," said Krack. "But we were eighth at a certain time. And during that time, we thought that we could fight with Alpine, at least one.

But then the safety car came at a bad moment because we thought that they were not going to stop anymore. And we stopped Lance. And we made huge steps to catch Esteban. We were quite confident that we can at least hold one of them, or get one of them back.

But then the safety car came really at this time where basically we were playing catch up, it was more than one to one and a half seconds a lap to Ocon. But then again the safety car. So he had basically a free stop, and then the positions were frozen."

Sebastian Vettel