Max Verstappen shocked by the fans' move: It is just stupid

"Just don't do that. It's not good for anyone"

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen shocked by the fans' move: It is just stupid

The second part of the qualification in Zandvoort was interrupted due to a bizarre reason. Namely, the flare was thrown from the grandstand and it happened in the final part of the track. What is strange is that another one was thrown after that.

Max Verstappen was furious afterward and thinks that one of the fans made a stupid move. "It's just very silly to do. To hold flares, it's nice but of course there is a limit to how much. But to throw it on the track is just stupid.

And I think also the person who did that got removed. Just don't do that. It's not good for anyone – you get thrown out so you can't see the race and for us the session is stopped because it's dangerous when there is stuff on the track.

[You] shouldn't do it."- he said for Carlos Sainz, who finished third, believes that the organizers should warn the fans because they really made a big mistake. "I think it was good that in the in-lap for Max to [getting] pole they used them, but [do] not use them in the middle of the race or in lap one when we are in the middle of fights," Sainz said.

"At 300km/h with these cars you don't want any kind of distraction from smoke. Hopefully the organisation can do a good job in warning when it's the time to use them and when it's not. And, of course, even more important when not to throw it into the track.


Nicholas Latifi reacted

Nicholas Latifi expects the reaction of the F1 leaders. "If there is still a race going on behind then it can be quite dangerous," he said . "Maybe needs to be some stricter security checks...well maybe not stricter security checks because you can't screen 100,000 people properly, but stricter consequences if someone's seen doing that.

Most of the time I find it is a very distinct orange or you know 'OK, that's a flare that's not gravel' [from someone going off ahead]. But in Spa there's a few times it was like 'oh, has someone gone off in front and there's just not a yellow flag?' You don't exactly know.

So, it's not ideal and especially on a track like this where everything is very close. Spa, Red Bull Ring the grandstands [are] so much further away from the track. I think the fans do need to behave a little bit."

Max Verstappen