Lewis Hamilton: I don’t think I’ll go until I’m completely burnt out

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Lewis Hamilton: I don’t think I’ll go until I’m completely burnt out

Lewis Hamilton has no plans to retire yet and his goal is to fight for the title in the coming seasons. After last season and the crash in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton was furious and it was mentioned that he might leave F1 and not return.

However, there is nothing of that. “I think there's still plenty to achieve here personally, maybe not like that many records as such, but still a lot of ground to cover with the team. And like the guys here I still deeply in love with the sport and particularly like the direction and things that we're doing within the sport… conversations that I get to have with Stefano [Domenicali].

But of course, there's lots more outside that's continuing to grow as well. So it’s exciting times I think. The future’s bright, I like to think. ” - he said, as quoted by express.co.uk Lewis Hamilton does not want to give up and wants to progress with his car.

He believes that there are still many things ahead of him. “’I’m still only thinking about how to improve this car. I’m thinking about how what are the steps that I need to take to get this team winning again.

What is the road map to winning another world championship? “I’m still fighting for those things and I still feel like I’ve got plenty to go. More likely than not, if I stop, I’ll still have fuel in the tank.

I don’t think I’ll go until I’m completely burnt out and have nothing left”.

Montoya on Mercedes' upgrade

It is believed that Mercedes is preparing a major upgrade and that it will shock the F1 scene “The other big question mark is coming out of the break, the rumour is that Mercedes has a big, big upgrade coming for their cars.

“And, if that is the case, Mercedes really comes up with a car, which is really cool to see from Mercedes. I think everybody is going to come up with big upgrades. Mercedes is still gonna get better, against everybody else, but everybody else in the field is gonna stay very constant.

Because they all keep developing and making the cars better to drive, easier to drive. “Everybody is getting a little more comfortable with the new package, and understanding the new package. So I think the way everybody is developing the cars is going to be very similar, but I still think that Mercedes out-develops everybody else. That is my two cents”.

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