Max Verstappen on Moto GP changes in 2023: I will not enjoy it.I just don't like it

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Max Verstappen on Moto GP changes in 2023: I will not enjoy it.I just don't like it

Moto GP revealed interesting plans for 2023, and one of the plans is the introduction of sprint races, but without testing. Alpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso was surprised by this move, i.e. the fact that there will be no testing.

In the whole story, Alonso decided to praise F1 with regard to their precautionary measures and everything they do for the drivers.
"I think it's quite bold of MotoGP to make that decision without trying it. I think we've been fortunate in F1 that we've been given a bit of time to try it and see if it works.

I think MotoGP and Formula 1 are two very different beasts. Obviously having two wheels less there's more chance of making errors or falling off and injuring yourself, whereas I guess there's a little bit more margin for us potentially.

It's bold but I think globally when I look at a number of sports and the direction F1 is heading, we're in such a great era at the moment we have to be so thankful of the job F1 are doing. It's pretty exceptional to see the growth and the excitement around the sport comparing with some others that have plateaued or faded away.

So, it's a special time to be here and hopefully it can continue to grow looking 10 years ahead”. - he said for

Max Verstappen on the changes

Max Verstappen is not satisfied with the Moto GP moves and will not enjoy it.

Verstappen emphasized that sprint races do not change things much and that there is a lot of caution among the drivers “I will not enjoy it... I just don't like it,” Verstappen said. “I think that Sunday emotion and feeling should be special.

That's the only time you race. “That's how I grew up racing anyway, you know, Sunday is the day to race. I think anyway, so far from the sprint races we've had, not a lot has drastically changed in terms of results and more or less everyone starts on the same tyre and that's where you finish, because you are like scared to have a crash or whatever.

Because you start in the back for the main race where the big points are so everyone is also a bit like, ‘okay, just make sure we finish the race without any trouble’. So that's not what you want really”. We will see next year what the audience's reaction will be to these changes.

Max Verstappen