Alex Albon: That is the main difference between the Williams team and Red Bull

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Alex Albon: That is the main difference between the Williams team and Red Bull

Alex Albon is currently a member of Williams, although he used to be with the Red Bull team. He listed the main differences between Williams and Red Bull. "When there's a team that's looking to win, of course when you finish P6 or P7, that's not really a good thing.

Whereas for us we're not really where we want to be this year but when we execute perfectly and the car is in its window, we can get points and we can fight up the midfield," Albon told "The main difference between changing teams is that value of success and what is a good weekend.

Sometimes you can be out in Q1, but actually you felt like the lap was really good, like the car was good. You felt like as a team, you maximised everything. And you have to take that as a positive even if on reflection it may not seem to the outside like it was."

Alex Albon on the first part of the season

Albon is satisfied with the first part of the season. He seems ready like never before. "I feel like it's gone really well," he added. "Of course, having a year out and not being in the car, inevitably - especially through testing and the first couple of races - there was a little bit of feeling like finding your feet.

"But I have to say even with that, I still felt as prepared and as ready as everyone else around me. Because I think with the change in the rules it all started to level itself out quite a lot. It's very hard to say where the limit is relative to last year.

I mean, it's a completely different car, you can't really make comparisons. But I do feel like there's been cases where we've got points at times when we had no reason to be there and they're the races that really mean a lot."

Although there is much less pressure now, Williams has no problem with it. "You could say there's less of a spotlight. In terms of expectation or pressure or anything, there's less noise, but at the same time the criticism at least always comes from within," he explained.

"You know, I've said that before. I'm my harshest critic. It sounds bad but I don't really care what people say, it's really kind of self-evaluation on that side. There's maybe less of the noise, but at the same time I'm always - I'm gonna say - not happy."