Pierre Gasly on Yuki Tsunoda: It just makes him very funny

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Pierre Gasly on Yuki Tsunoda: It just makes him very funny

Yuki Tsunoda is much better than his rookie season. This could certainly be expected, given that the Japanese now has more experience. His colleague, Pierre Gasly praised Tsunoda and believes that Yuki now has a completely different approach.

"I think now he took probably Formula 1 a bit more seriously, which was the right approach to have,” Gasly told Motorsport.com. From what he says, I did have an impact on that side to show him the sort of dedication and commitment that this sport required.

I think this year, we’ve been working as a team, where last year it was kind of a little bit divided, because didn’t have much experience. He was still quite new to the sport. This year I think he’s got clear ideas and clearer feedback on what we actually need to go faster, so we can work together to improve the package that we have”.

AlphaTauri technical director Jody Egginton believes that Gasly is right. Egginton emphasized that time and experience play an important factor. “There’s a lot of information the drivers have got to take on board and it doesn’t always stick immediately,” Egginton told Motorsport.com.

“Like with anyone in any sort of difficult or technical exercise, or even like exam revision, practice makes perfect. More things are clicking now that he’s understanding things. He’s also forming better opinions of what he wants on the car.

And that takes time, with any driver”.

Pierre Gasly on Tsunoda's funny side

Gasly has an interesting relationship with Tsunoda. He emphasized that the Japanese is quite an open person and that sometimes he doesn't choose what to say.

“He’s very funny,” Gasly said of Tsunoda. “He doesn’t have any filter, which is what I appreciate, and do entertain quite a lot. Whatever crosses his mind is out of his mouth a tenth of a second later.

Then he’ll think about it later and probably, most of the time regret the stuff he said! It just makes him very funny”. Tsunoda himself explained the difference between the previous and current seasons. "Last year at the same time I was not fully in control.

I didn't know what I was doing, you know? And every lap just pushing to the limit, and that's how things happen. But actually, that made me improve, so that was really good learning as a driver. After that I went to bad loop, but that makes good learning as well as a driver.

And [I was] able to do a next step, that's why I'm able to score points today. So, I think compared to last year it is a massive step, especially in the race pace."