Electronic Arts is thinking about betting!


Electronic Arts is thinking about betting!

eSports company Electronics Arts is yhinking abot betting! In order to reach users wherever they are, the historical videogames company could get betting business. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, has opened a glimpse into the future of the company and stressed that over 40 years-old in this industry can serve to expand the service portfolio.

Including betting and cloud gaming, which is experimenting with Project Atlas. If the choice to focus on streaming, on the false line of Google Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud, is almost conventional, betting is far from obvious.

Especially considering that, in many parts, Electronic Arts has often been criticized for having abounded with the presence of so-called lot boxes in video games such as Star Wars: Battlefront. Loot boxes allow you to obtain random objects, often by paying with real money: a mechanism that, according to regulators in some European countries, is far too similar to gambling and has also been widely criticized by players.

The Future of Electronics Arts

Still, Wilson wsaid: "We need to think about the future of entertainment consumption. You should think about how we will engage players through their daily lives with other things that might interest them and that revolve around the gaming experience: one of these could be betting," said the EA executive.

Adding, however, that these are potential long-term future projects, to the extent of more than 5 years from now. In short, the company should not be expected to start competing in the betting sector anytime soon, but the fact that it is thinking about it is already indicative of how a gaming entertainment giant sees the continuation of the industry.

ESports are a prime example of how to follow gamers. Betting, in EA's view, could be an additional complement. The microtransactions in his video games are now a very prosperous turnover: almost 800 million dollars earned by the multinational company of Redwood City in the last year, in particular thanks to FIFA's Ultimate Team mode.

Betting on electronic sports, then, is an expanding market to the point that even the state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, has given the green light during the quarantine, a period in which traditional sports were necessarily blocked.

There are many VIPS who are in the business of eSports. Beckham's investment adds to that of many other celebrities who, over the past few years, have bet on the growth of electronic sports. These include Fernando Alonso, who created his own organization, the former NBA basketball player Earving "Magic" Johnson, rapper Drake and Gerard Piquè.

The Spanish footballer founded eFootball.Pro, which quickly became one of the main world competitions of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer.