Ishaan Arya pleased with the number of players in India

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Ishaan Arya pleased with the number of players in India

Esports platform The Esports Club is currently number one in India. There are many esports players in India who are successful in this "sport" Ishaan Arya, Co-founder, and Head of Business Development of The Esports Club, revealed interesting facts about esports in an interview with esports insider How is The Esports Club contributing to the esports ecosystem in India? Ishaan Arya: "The Esports Club (TEC) as a platform is looking at all tiers of esports in India; pro, semi-pro, amateur, and community-driven initiatives.

While our first-party events like the WD Black TEC League for Rainbow Six Siege provides a tiered approach by segregating teams within divisions matching their skill level to provide an equal opportunity and a level playing field to all participants, we are also enabling various communities and content creators by supporting them financially and providing a platform to host events to start building up an ecosystem that we can eventually help grow in the way we are doing with Rainbow Six Siege.", as quoted by esports insider

Big tournaments

With other big tournament organizers in the country, what kind of challenges does TEC face? IA: "Gaming in India is growing at a very rapid pace and to support this growth there are many tournament organizers.

What sets us apart from others is our core DNA. We believe in building esports in a sustainable and scalable manner that is ideal for both sponsors and players. One tournament with a massive prize pool over a short duration does nothing for brands in terms of visibility or players in terms of providing a roadmap for them to take esports seriously.

Sure it will provide a temporary blimp that everyone will notice, but it will die out just as fast." Why did The Esports Club start its new league with Rainbow Six Siege specifically? IA: "The Rainbow Six Siege community in South Asia is massive and is constantly overlooked in favor of other existing popular titles.

We were first to recognize the potential of Rainbow Six Siege in India and hosted some of the largest online & LAN events: Ex Lenovo Rise of Legion India tournament mid last year and our own TEC Arena LAN at Comic-Con Ahmedabad just earlier this year.

I was even involved in the Rainbow Six Siege launch campaign with NVIDIA back in the day!" What do you think are the hurdles that your company has faced or might face in its journey to build a reliable esports ecosystem? IA: "We’ve seen the many ups & downs of the Indian esports ecosystem.

Building trust and credibility with both the community and brands is crucial. The community must trust you to run an event professionally and help grow the ecosystem; the brands rely on you to provide them something with a long-term solution."