In America it will be studied Esports Management and Design


In America it will be studied Esports Management and Design

Not one but two are the Esports training and specialization courses set up by Jackson College, Michigan, which will thus give students the opportunity to obtain certification in Esports Management and Esports Design courses.

It was David Smith, Management teacher and director of sports management of the College ,to explain the reasons that led to this forward-looking initiative: “There are many employment opportunities in esports, it is a field that is growing, a young man who find jobs in this area can earn between $ 30,000 and $ 150,000 a year." As reported by the College website, the course in Esports Management will prepare you for the management of the commercial aspects of esports: a very general program, which encompasses skills ranging from those required for the managerial roles of a team (coaches, administrators, marketing employees, etc.).

) and for the roles required in the organization and management of esports related events (marketing specialists, social media, and so on). The Esport Game Design path is more specific: it starts from 3D modeling and proceeds with the animation and lighting of the game environment, more and more fundamental aspects in a title that focuses on Esports and winks at the sector competitive.

Both courses, however, will be held entirely online and can therefore be attended by students from the comfort of their homes, without the obligation to attend college premises in person.

David Beckham invests in eSports

Former English soccer star David Beckham become a businessman for the eSports.

With an investment in the British startup Guild, Beckham, through DB Ventures, became co-owner of the organization, of which he is the second partner for the number of shares owned. Former soccer player is also co-owner of MLS's Inter Miami.

"We have a vision to set a new milestone by supporting these players for the future," said Beckham. Academies and team launches in many international eSports tournaments are also targeted. Guild is trying to close a $ 31 million loan round.

If it succeeds it would be valued at 124 million dollars: "We are committed to cultivating and encouraging young talent through our academy system and I am looking forward to helping the Guild Esports team grow," added Beckham when he announced the organization's global launch.

Guild will gradually scale its presence in various eSports tournaments during the 2020/2021 season and will enter the competitive circuit of games such as Rocket League, FIFA and Fortnite. Beckham's investment adds to that of many other celebrities who, over the past few years, have bet on the growth of electronic sports.

These include Fernando Alonso, who created his own organization, the former NBA basketball player Earving "Magic" Johnson, rapper Drake and Gerard Piquè.