EA Sports and EA Games Are Splitting Up


EA Sports and EA Games Are Splitting Up

It is predicted that Electronic Arts is going to undergo some major changes in the near future. It has been reported by the head of the company, Andrew Wilson, that the company is going to undergo the largest reorganization in its history.

Thus, the two divisions within EA will be separated from each other - EA Games and EA Sports. It is anticipated that each division will be able to defend its own projects in the future, as well as allocate the budget for each game independently.

That could be a great thing for them. There seems to be a real likelihood that this will no longer be confined to just video games in the near future. Namely, the former EA Games will be renamed EA Entertainment. In the future, it is anticipated that EA Entertainment will concentrate on legendary franchises and innovative new experiences that will present opportunities for increased growth, according to the executive director of the company.

Electronic Arts and its plans

In theory, this does not have any significance whatsoever for the audience itself, but it could actually be a good move for the audience as a whole. Electronic Arts attempted to classify all games in a similar way in a similar basket, despite the fact that all divisions shared one budget across the company.

The company, for instance, asked the developers of single-player games to come up with a formula that would generate similar amounts of revenue to that generated by the Ultimate Team mode in sports games, based on the huge success of the Ultimate Team mode in sports games.

Electronic Arts have failed many projects due to this, but at least EA Sports will operate as a separate entity, and their income will not be compared to other EA Entertainment titles. We will have to wait and see whether or not this move will turn out to be beneficial for them in the long run.

There will be a lot of new things happening in the future, and this could be the beginning of EA's evolution as a company.