Lars Gustavsson is working on a “next-gen” online FPS


Lars Gustavsson is working on a “next-gen” online FPS
Lars Gustavsson is working on a “next-gen” online FPS

Putting together a list of more new development studios founded by veterans of Swedish game developer DICE's Battlefield series of games is not easy. As a result of the Game of the Year award, Embark Studios stood out with The Finals, a game that gained an unprecedented level of destruction.

The new studio TTK Games is also hoping to build on the success of The Finals. In terms of its startup, Time to Kill is led by Lars Gustavsson, who is well known and loved by fans around the world, and was directly responsible for the multiplayer component of Battlefield 3 and 4.

In addition to Mr. Battlefield, there were also a number of other colleagues who are also veterans of DICE who performed a successful demonstration to investors of the vision of a next-generation online shooter for which they received the money.

Time to Kill explanation

As Gustavsson explains, "time to kill" is an extremely important concept in the development of online first-person shooters, and its stability depends on the success of the game of this type, so it became an integral part of the studio's culture.

According to Gustavsson, the TTK system is more than just the art of finding the perfect response, it is also about how humans have 'killed' time for millennia by playing games for their enjoyment. In terms of the next-generation FPS, the developers are still in the infancy of their work, and the first thing they are trying to do is create the company's basic working structure in order to get off to a good start.

There is only one thing we expect from them: a fantastic start. It is expected that great things are going to be achieved in everything and we hope that gamers will remain satisfied with the development of the situation in the future.

As a man from whom only the best and highest quality things are used to be expected, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Lars Gustavsson will make great strides in the gaming industry.