Bend Studio announced a new project!

A tweet from Bend Studio indicated they are celebrating their 30th anniversary

by Sead Dedovic
Bend Studio announced a new project!

Day Gone's developers have hinted at the next game in the series as they reveal more about the upcoming game. It is a real shame that Bend Studio does not have a good enough success to leave an enduring name in gaming with Days Gone.

It is one of the major studios that PlayStation owns. There was no doubt that it did better with gamers than critics, but Sony did not feel that it would be able to make enough impact on either the commercial or critical side of the equation to invest in a sequel for the game. Apparently, Days Gone 2 has been shelved for now, and the team has then turned their attention to other projects, including a new Uncharted game, which later fell through.

Band has now started working on a brand new IP that eager gamers are looking forward to seeing as soon as possible.


A tweet from Bend Studio indicated they are celebrating their 30th anniversary and remarked that they are looking forward to revealing what they have in store for their fans in the next few months.

This has caused a great deal of excitement among fans who are already speculating when this might be happening. The last Majora's Mask game surfaced four years ago, so many people are hoping that a new majora's mask title will surface at the PlayStation Showcase.

There has, however, been a failure with the Band's efforts on video games, as mentioned earlier. In light of what the previous statement indicates, it's very likely that the development of this new game hasn't progressed as far as one might expect after all these years, as it hasn't likely been in development since 2019/2020, since its conception was almost two years ago.

years. In spite of that, studios seem to have announced their projects very early on despite the fact that delay is not ideal. Moreover, there is a slight possibility that the game will appear in a CGI trailer at Showcase next week in the form of a preview, but that is purely speculation on our part.