Dead Rising could be back again: Announcements!

Capcom is planning to bring back Dead Rising in the near future

by Sead Dedovic
Dead Rising could be back again: Announcements!

As one of the leading gaming companies in the world, Capcom does an excellent job. There have been many records broken this year, and its just a continuation of the tradition that has been going on since 2015. There is no doubt that the attention of many is being drawn to Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

In terms of video games, these two titles continue to dominate the market. The company does not intend to stop there. They have set even higher goals for the next period of time. Based on information from various media outlets, it has been revealed that Capcom is planning to bring back Dead Rising in the near future.

It is expected that Xbox's fans will be especially delighted with the upcoming game since the game will start off with a complete reboot. It would be great if that could happen.

Dead Rising

This is the fourth Dead Rising game and despite the fact that sales haven't met Capcom's expectations, the company didn't end up in the red thanks to Microsoft's injection of financial resources in exchange for Xbox exclusivity for a year.

Capcom shut down its Vancouver studio, however, so it will be interesting to see what team they assign to develop the new sequel, as it will be the fifth installment in the series. One of the biggest criticisms of Dead Rising 4 is its performance and its relatively low performance on consoles.

In comparison with the previous generation of consoles, the processing power of PS4 and XONE can hardly handle large numbers of zombies in the screen, so the latest generation of consoles along with some newly optimized graphics driver are providing a great opportunity for a great performance of this type of game.

We think the new Dead Rising sounds very intriguing to us because it has some fresh ideas, some correct direction, and is innovative in some parts. However, the real word will be given by the players of this game, of course, if we see it soon.