Riot is against bookmakers as a sponsor!

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Riot is against bookmakers as a sponsor!

A number of reports suggested that Riot would allow Valorant organizations to get the support of bookies and other types of sponsors, but the studio denied this completely. In the last few weeks of this year, the entire esports industry has been facing tough times as many of the major organizations have been downsizing their workforces, resulting in significant layoffs.

There was a direct effect on Valorant, with organizations like The Guard laying off whole staffs, and Valorant's Challengers team being one of the few things keeping Valorant current. Due to this, there were multiple reports suggesting that Riot Games would allow teams and organizations to partner with betting sites as a result.

The Riot team, on the other hand, called such news as nothing more than false information and referred to it as false. Esporkolik, a Turkish esports website, was the first to report the incident. According to them, in the near future, Valorous organizations may get the chance to partner with gambling and betting sites, thus opening up a market for large investments, even if the investments are dubious.

In response to this, Riot Games later confirmed via the Dot Esports website that this was not the case, but they are still looking for investment opportunities so that the community can remain a healthy place for everyone involved.


“While there have been no changes to the current policy regarding approved categories of team sponsors, we will continue to evaluate all opportunities that provide safe, secure and meaningful experiences that best support the growth of our esports ecosystem globally.

Riot remains committed to investing in capabilities that ensure the integrity of all of our esports, enable great experiences for fans, and unlock revenue streams for our teams”. Are the chances of bookmakers sponsoring Valorant teams in the future completely out of the question or is it just a matter of time? As of right now, Riot does not seem to have plans to deal with the possible gambling restrictions in a variety of regions, including Europe, in the near future.