ESL presented the DOTA PRO TOUR worth 17 million dollars

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ESL presented the DOTA PRO TOUR worth 17 million dollars

In conjunction with Valve's Dota Pro Circuit, ESL is introducing three tournaments to the competitive Dota 2 scene with a total prize pool of $17 million. This is ESL's own supplemental version of Valve's Dota Pro Circuit.

Some of the finer details of the new Dota 2 rules have been very confusing and have caused some concern within the larger Dota community. In the inaugural event of the ESL Pro Tour, which will kick off on April 9 with the long-awaited return of the DreamLeague, the world's best players will be given the opportunity to fly to Europe to compete at the first event, with the second event already planned for mid-June.

There will be 16 teams invited to compete in the new tournament format as part of DreamLeague Seasons 19 and 20 which will serve as entry events for the wider EPT series. During the two-week tournament, there will be two group stages in which the number of teams will be reduced from 16 to eight before a play-off between the four best teams will take place.

In addition to earning the lion's share of the $1,000,000 that will be awarded for each DreamLeague season, the winners of each event will also earn a ticket to this year's Riyadh Masters, which is scheduled for August, as well as a ticket for the team that came in second in each event.

S20 has also secured a ticket for the team that finished in second place.


The 2019 DLS will take place from April 9-23 following the conclusion of DPC's spring tour, and the 2020 DLS will take place from June 7-25 following DPC's summer tour.

Riyadh Masters were first introduced last year and the prize pool for this Dota tournament was $4 million, making it the biggest in the international field with the largest prize pool in Dota. The prize pool will be tripled to $15 million as the final event in this EPT journey, and it will include a play-in for those players who did not qualify for the Dream League.

It may all sound great on paper, but there are two aspects of this series that are giving fans pause-namely, the fact that it is backed by the Saudi Esports Federation and the Savvy Gaming Group. Despite the fact that there will be many fans of Dota, as well as probably some players too, who will see this "investment" in the Dota scene as a positive development, it is simply another attempt by Saudi Arabia to bring attention to some of its more appealing features and make a big PR push into one of the most popular esports out there.

. ESL's ranking system for the global Dota scene has created a great deal of confusion among fans, although to a much lesser extent. Even though it may not be new idea to have a ranking system, the current version of the EPT, which can be seen on ESL's website, shows Team Secret in fifth place across Europe in spite of the fact that they are in Division II of the current DPC tours.

In addition to that ranking serving as a primary way for teams to be invited to all ESL Pro Tour events, there are some questions that ESL will need to answer when it comes time to distribute invites and regional spots to teams, which have also been left unanswered. Depending on the region.