Riot Games has introduced the newest champion

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Riot Games has introduced the newest champion

In order to introduce the newest champion in the game - Milio, the Gentle Flame - Riot Games released a collection of letters as well as a short biographical account of the character. The story is based on Milio, a 12-year-old boy with a special affinity for spiritual fire, who is funny and goofy.

Despite being a young boy from Ixtal, Milio mastered the axiom of fire whilst discovering something new: the "soothing fire", as his biography describes it in detail. Having discovered this newfound power, Milio plans to use it to help his family escape exile by joining Yun Tal - as his grandmother once did - in an effort to help them escape exile.

From what we know so far, Milio is likely to be a mage as well as a support champion, according to this information. In order to find out the character's abilities in-game, League fans need to wait for Riot to release more information about the character.

According to Milio's biography, Lupé, who was an elementary school teacher at the time, was separated from her twin sister Luné after she plotted to murder Yun Tal after she plotted against her. In the years following Milio's birth, Lupé tried to pass on to her grandson her knowledge about how to control the elements and how they affected the earth and its people, but to no avail.

Even so, Milio kept on studying on his own, disregarding all the restrictions that Lupé had put on him, allowing him to study at his own pace.


Eventually, he was led to an injured hunter by the fireflies one day, and he followed them to the scene.

He felt a "flicker of heat" in the hunter's belly as he placed his hands on his stomach, which he believes was the hunter's inner flame. This glimmer of warmth ignited the power under Milio's skin; he discovered a new axiom in his mind, one that he called the "soothing flame," and he used it to heal the hunter as a result.

Having demonstrated the ability to control the element to his grandmother, he began to perfect his skills after showing them to his grandmother. Eventually, he embarks on a journey to reclaim honor for his family and heads to Ixaocan in order to restore its honor.

Nevertheless, before he leaves, he creates a backpack for himself that houses a soothing flame he wields, which he refers to as his "ever-burning fuemigo." Having seen the character for the first time now, it's likely that Riot will release more information about the character's in-game abilities in the coming weeks.