The production company Beyond the Summit fired all its employees


The production company Beyond the Summit fired all its employees

There has been a dismissal of all employees at the production company Beyond the Summit. There is a good chance that the great brand has come to an end after 11 years. Most of the time we hear that some esports organization has reduced or disbanded a team, or has in some way tried to cut down the costs of their operations or has as a result reduced the number of employees they have.

Due to the economic crisis, this is a trend that has spread to many industries, but esports has been particularly hard hit. The Guard and eUnited have been forced to lay off a large number of employees since the start of the year, and this trend has continued throughout the year.

There was about a 20% firing rate at FaZe Clan. All the employees of the production company Beyond the Summit have been terminated from their jobs. It was a simple idea started by two Dota commentators 11 years ago that became a legendary organization, having grown from a small project to a worldwide phenomenon.

There have been hundreds of events organized through Beyond the Summit since its inception. Despite the fact that they started out with Dota, the team has expanded to other games such as CS:GO, Smash and other titles in the FGC.

As a result of financial problems, this successful organization succeeded in having the key to the door of its doors taken from them. The co-founder of BTS, David "LD" Gorman, has said that the financial circumstances of the company are deteriorating.

The organizer may find themselves in a situation in which it has no money to pay its employees if, in this case, BTS continue to work.


"If we continue and things don't improve, we could destroy the company and not be able to pay anyone anything.

But if we let everything go now, we can give them advance notice, give them a head start on coming up with future plans and good severance offers. We don't just want to put our people out of work. We don't want to leave them in limbo, constantly wondering and worrying when the money will disappear.

We care about everyone who helped build BTS. They've all given so much and deserve to know exactly what's going on and have the best possible chance to get back on their feet."