The creators of VALORANT are not resting: Team Deatmatch in VALORANT

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The creators of VALORANT are not resting: Team Deatmatch in VALORANT

We learned what lies ahead for us in 2023 in the most recent address of VALORANT developers. The game's version of Team Deathmatch mode will be introduced by Riot, as Riot's take on Team Deathmatch is confirmed to be a new mode.

There were only a few details of what VALORANT's developers plan to accomplish in the current year in the latest Dev Diaries video. In other words, we got a glimpse of what's coming up in VALORANT for the current year during the video.

It is only the second episode of the sixth episode, and we have already seen what interesting things she has brought us in this episode. With updated rotations of maps, a completely redesigned new map with three sites, a brand-new battle pass, skins, etc., the game will take on a new look and feel.

Aside from the removal of Bind and Breeze from Unrated and Competitive modes, new features like Split and Lotus have been added to replace them.


As Andy Ho mentioned in the video, VALORANT will continue to work on the principle of large episodes and separate acts within those episodes.

Also, we can expect a number of upcoming agents, skins, battle passes, bundles, and other cosmetic items to be released in the coming months. In addition to Swiftplay, it was also announced that there would be a new game mode called Team Deathmatch in the future.

The aim of a Team Deathmatch is usually to get the most number of kills. The team that has the most kills will generally end up winning the match. Players in VALORANT know what to expect as there is already a Deathmatch mode in the game.

It is now possible for only the player to have teammates in Team Deathmatch, which, of course, is a very convenient circumstance, and is also a useful tool for practicing quick reactions in combat. A significant function that VALORANT lacks, but that has already been implemented and has been brought to the edge of perfection, is a replay tool there is no doubt in the community's mind that this should be integrated into VALORANT.