Riot developers made big changes!

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Riot developers made big changes!

There are some important changes coming to the PBE for fighters that were revealed by Riot Games developer TheTruexy on his personal Twitter page. As well as mentioning these temporary changes, TheTruexy also clarifies the reasons and goals behind them.

It is planned to change the following eight subjects: Eclipse Syzygy Goredrinker Ravenous Hydra Maw of Malmortius Death's Dance Blade of the Ruined King Black Cleaver

TheTruexy on the changes

TheTruexy mentions that one of the main goals of the company is to eliminate "fighter frustration".

There has been a lot of problems dealing with this class since it has so much damage, durability, and mobility that it has been very hard to deal with. This problem is going to be solved through the planned changes, which will begin with sustainability.

In order to maintain balance, the balance team moved Omnivamp from Devour to Lifesteal and compensated if necessary, explaining how holding onto spells can lead to sharp healing as opposed to holding onto auto-attacks (which do not scale linearly and only scale with critical hits).

In addition, the ability haste is also affected. TheTruexy claims that too much of this stat closes counterplay windows against fighters and that they will lower it at all levels of the game to minimize this problem. The reason why they would like to nerf Death Dance and Maw of Malmortius is because they would like them to become less of a one-trick pony.

As a result of these nerfs, Riot will increase the amount of damage that can be dealt with these items to compensate for them. Even though this will impose more damage on champions, they still think this is a good direction to take.

It will be interesting to see if these changes were beneficial and if they met the expectations of the players and the fans. As far as most people are concerned, this is a smart move and a positive perspective for the future, but let's wait and see how it all plays out.