Remco Evenepoel on Tadej Pogacar: “In my eyes, he is .."

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Remco Evenepoel on Tadej Pogacar: “In my eyes, he is .."

Remco Evenepoel believes that Tadej Pogacar is still a top cyclist regardless of the results. “In my eyes, he is still the best rider in the world,” Evenepoel said for velonews. “We cannot talk about a ‘loss’ or a ‘crack’ with Tadej, and we should still show our respect because what he did is also phenomenal.

“The day that Jumbo-Visma attacked him on the Galibier was one of the hardest days of his life. If you can handle it like that and still try to make the best out of it, then you only earn respect from all the riders and everyone inside and out of cycling.

We should not talk in a negative way about Tadej”. Many criticize Pogacar, but Evanopoel believes that certain things can happen to anyone. “He really didn’t crack, he just lost time two times, which can happen to anybody,” Evenepoel said in a media call.

“I don’t think you can talk about a bad Tour. He won three stages, and was second on GC, won the white jersey. “For sure, he is the guy that won the Tour twice in a row and also knowing that Jumbo-Visma is stronger and more stable than UAE.

What Tadej did is still incredible. He did a lot of things alone in the last week”.

Remco Evenepoel and camp

Remco was in the Italian Alps at the camp, where he also followed the Tour de France. “We followed the Tour for the full three weeks.

It was a very fast and difficult Tour. The guys of Jumbo made it look easy, but it was quite difficult for everybody,” he said. “Jumbo didn’t surprise, but what they did with the full team was quite impressive.

“It was beautiful to watch. They had a big plan before going to the Tour and they showed to the whole world what their plan was, I can only take my hat off to what they did. It was beautiful to watch and it was a nice TV after some long training”.

He also revealed his expectations from the Vuelta. “If I can go out of the Vuelta with a stage win or two, then you can speak about a good Vuelta,” he said. “The main goal is to win a stage, and everything GC-wise that will come will be extra.

The start of the Vuelta is mainly with the focus on stage wins, especially stage 10 in the time trial and the team time trial in stage 1”.