Jumbo Visma cyclists reacted to doping assumptions

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Jumbo Visma cyclists reacted to doping assumptions
Jumbo Visma cyclists reacted to doping assumptions (Provided by Sport World News)

Cycling is known as a sport with a lot of doping scandals. After every victory, there are always certain assumptions as to whether someone was under doping. Christophe Laporte and his Jumbo Visma team excelled at the Tour de France.

Jonas Vingegaard showed great quality and he took home the yellow jersey. Speaking to L'Equipe, Laporte spoke about criticism and attacks on his team, but denied any doping scandals. “I know that some people don’t believe in our performance.
In recent days, there has been a lot of criticism, it’s always the same, the rider who wins the Tour, no one ever believes it.
Cycling is struggling to wash its image, it’s unfortunate."- he said for eurosport.

Laporte is also under a lot of pressure because many sma. However, Laporte believes that the picture is much wider. “I hear what people say about me: ‘Laporte, he was not advancing, and now he is winning the Tour'
“Even those who follow cycling don’t try to understand.
"Realising that a team with such a budget, with riders of this level, and an organisation around which the level of requirements is 100 per cent explains a lot things”.

Jonas Vingegaard on doping

Jonas Vingegaard also responded to criticism regarding doping. Vingegaard denies any illicit substances. Jonas emphasized that this result is the product of great work and preparations like no one else had.

In the Jumbo Visma team, they thought about every detail, even the smallest details were important to them. That's why it's no wonder where their cyclists performed so well. "We’re totally clean. Everyone of us. I can say that to everyone of you.
No one of us is taking anything illegal.

I think why we’re so good is the preparation that we do.
We take altitude camps to the next step. We do everything with material, food, and training. The team is the best within this. That’s why you have to trust”.

Van Aert seemed to be the most furious when he heard that some were assuming about doping. Van Aert gave a short comment and did not want to look back on it. Such results always bring speculation, but if it happened, it will be determined in the end.

“I don’t even want to answer this question, it’s such a s*** question.
"It comes back every time after somebody is winning in the Tour." Their team can be proud and this will be a huge wind at their backs in the future.