Brent Bookwalter blames RCS Sport for the accident

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Brent Bookwalter blames RCS Sport for the accident

Brent Bookwalter was furious at RCS Sport. Responsibility for the accident that happened at the Giro D'Italia race RCS Sport switched to RAITV. Bookwalter believes the RCS is the main culprit for the accident "We see that time and time again," Bookwalter told Cyclingnews.

"It's easy to just pass the buck and put the blame on someone else, but at the end of the day, this is the Giro d'Italia, this is run by RCS and the helicopter is there covering their race. If they don't have any control and if the helicopter crew isn't accountable to them, then who are they accountable to? Are there just rogues flying helicopters around there, however, and wherever they want?", as quoted by cyclingnews "The race organization is charged with creating a safe environment for us, and if they can't keep the helicopter pilots that are covering the race on a leash, then we don't need helicopters on the race.

Obviously, TV coverage is important to everyone, but if the race can't happen without TV, then we don't need the race. It's ridiculous – we're sending guys to the hospital over stupid mistakes that shouldn't be made."

Bookwalter described what it all looked like

"I remember seeing 800 meters to go, and then really out of nowhere, the barriers were just flying up into the air and they just smashed a bunch of guys that were in my group.

It was kind of miraculous that it didn't take me down, too," Bookwalter said, adding that the lack of wind on Tuesday afternoon indicated that the sudden gust had been caused by the helicopter. "I'm not a wind or physics expert, so I can't guarantee that's what it was, but from my interpretation of it, that's sure what it was like.

The wind was quite calm and steady – nothing that would suggest a force like that." He is dissatisfied with CPA because he thinks that they talk more than they show by their actions that they care about safety.

"Right now, I'm fairly frustrated with the CPA because there are lots of issues we bring up and try to collaborate on, but we're met constantly with, 'We'll look into it,' but very rarely is there any action taken," said Bookwalter, who is a board member of the Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists."

"Talk is cheap. It's easy to say, 'We're going to investigate this,' or, 'We're going to get to the bottom of it,' but that doesn't bring Luca off the stretcher and out of the hospital today.

"When these incidents come up in a race, there's never any sanction, there's never any accountability – there's rarely even an apology from a race organization or the UCI."