Egan Bernal condition update (after surgery)


Egan Bernal condition update (after surgery)
Egan Bernal condition update (after surgery)

A horrific accident happened in Colombia when professional cyclist Egan Bernal (25) hit a bus. The unfortunate Bernal was training with his team when there was a collision with a bus in Bogotá. His knee and chest were injured.

With serious injuries, he was transported by ambulance to the city hospital, where he underwent surgery. Egan Bernal is the winner of the Tour de France in 2019 and the Giro di Italia in 2021. Most of his Grenadiers team trains in Europe, while he stayed in the country to stay with his family for as long as possible.

"The Ineos Grenadiers can confirm Egan Bernal has been taken to hospital following a training accident in Colombia this morning," the team said in a statement. "Bernal, who is at a Team training camp near his hometown, was accompanied to hospital by Team medical staff and was conscious upon arrival.

He is stable and undergoing further assessment. "The Team will provide an update on Egan's condition in due course." Egan Bernal had to have surgery urgently to solve the problem, and it seems that the operation was successful and he is now in a stable condition.

"As the hours have passed, the patient has had an excellent response to treatment and the doses of inotropy have been decreased," the latest hospital update said, as quoted by cyclingnews Surgeons and other staff successfully completed the surgery and did everything they could to help cyclists, but also to prevent possible complications.

"The patient adequately tolerated the extubation protocol without any complications. At this time, he is conscious, with mobility of all four extremities. "Ventilatory support and inotropic support were monitored and adjusted.

In addition to this, antimicrobial and antithrombotic prophylaxis was carried out. Also, he was given fluid and electrolyte management. The aforementioned includes further advancement in post-operative evolution."

Egan Bernal's body reaction

Obviously, his brain and other extremities responded well to the surgery and there should be no problem.

"The neurosurgery team carried out a reduction of a displaced fracture from the T5 [vertebra] to the T6 [vertebra] with a traumatic herniated disc," a statement from the hospital explained. "Under constant monitoring for nervous system activity, a tool was put in place from the T3 to the T8, maintaining neurological integrity and conserving the functionality of the segments involved."
"The interdisciplinary team will continue its dedication to taking the best care of everything that the patient’s current medical condition entails," the Clínica Universidad de La Sabana said. We wish Egan Bernal a speedy recovery