Guillaume Martin is pleased with his result

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Guillaume Martin is pleased with his result

Guillaume Martin finished 11th at this year's France de Tour. He says he is not surprised by the reaction of the public who think that Pogacar is doped and that this is the case every year. "Every year, the winner of the Tour is suspect," he told Le Parisien, "This is the price of the sport's troubled past.

One has to live with it." , as quoted by cycling news "I can't allow myself to have doubts and say to myself 'I'm 11th but he or he is suspicious' Otherwise, I'll get too discouraged. Even though I'm not naïve: I wouldn't put my hand in the fire to say that the whole peloton is clean.

"Afterwards I see on social networks that some people even doubt me, even though I know exactly how I work. I can't do anything about the doubts. If Tadej Pogačar is clean, it's terrible to be accused of that."

He believes that everyone should get a second chance

He expressed his opinion regarding the team managers and directors who worked during COVID19 "One of the problems of our sport is that many of its leaders were in the driving seat in the dark moments.

This is embarrassing for credibility. But, at the same time, there is a second chance. We have the right to change and not be condemned for life," he said. "There is no clear ethical answer [if I could work with them].

If I feel that the sincerity of the repentant, I would say yes, but it's a question of feeling. "The Tour recovers from everything. It recovered from COVID-19 when we said that it wouldn't take place. I believe in human optimism – even a new 'dirty trick' wouldn't bring it down."

He is satisfied with his race and says that he was aggressive from the very beginning of the race and that perseverance brought a good result. "In a way, this Tour marks a real progression that wasn't visible in the GC.

I was on the podium for half of the race. I attacked. I was an actor in a very high-level Tour." "The confinement allowed me to regenerate myself – I felt it in my body and my biological values. I was fresher and I did two camps at altitude.

This time we saw a Tour with about 15 riders in their best form. Look at the gap after that – 16th place is at 35 minutes."